About Us

Premier Vigilance & Security Private Limited ("PVS") is one of the leading privately-held security and multi-skilled professional manpower services enterprise in India catering to your particular need. We provide our clients with flexible, customized security, Multi-skilled professional services and solutions to the customer as per their requirements. Throughout decades, we have endeavoured to provide the best Security and multi-skilled professional manpower services and solutions provider for the customers through Innovation, commitment to quality, training and strict compliance and standards.

Since 1977, PVS has built its reputation on providing clients with the highest level of Service, Integrity and Professionalism. Our approach combines traditional Security and multi-skilled staffing with electronic Security to provide integrated and efficient, customized Security and Manpower services & Digital Online Surveillance .

PVS provides it’s expertise for a vast array of industries that include Banking, Corporate, Public Sector Undertaking, Central Govt. Bodies, Educational Institutions, Health Care Units, Public events, Housing Societies etc.

PVS believes in Total Protection and Security. We are the leading service provider to provide an integrated solution to cash logistics and storage of currency and other valuables on behalf of the banks and the ATM replenishment service. We provide well equipped cash van services as per the MHA guidelines. We provides an efficient Covid sanitisation and disinfection services to take care of health and safety of our customers and their employees.

Ranajit Aditya Chaudhuri,Founder Director

Our mission for the tomorrows – " KARMA"

In retrospect I count the imprints on the sands of time – it was a day of August 1977 the seedling of a tree was sown. It was a small time endeavour emanated out of tiredness of the servitude of a man dying of boredom and monotony, restless in the heart, clamouring for freedom from the bonds of servitude and craving for the blow of fresh air and activity of "KARMA". It was the call of "KARMA" that impelled me to take a plunge into the adventure of an entrepreneur.

It is true, I never anticipated that my company in course of time will assume the shape of today employing hundreds and thousands of men either retired from the forces or trained civilians fit to take up challenges with their compatriots retired from the armed forces.

If I am allowed to analyze the factors behind the success of this endeavour, I may point out the rule of equality of "KARMA". I used to tell my men that they must respect the work that gives them a livelihood,must have self-confidence must have faith in themselves that they are performing an important social service. All work is equal. All work is noble. Work is Puja.The work of the president of a country and the work of a street sweeper or a cobbler are equal and same according to the rule of Karma as taught by the great sages. The difference comes only when you are doing the job without respect for it.

The other cause behind our success might be our adherence to the basic principles of law and good governance. We have tried to keep our promises, maintain transparency in our behaviour and ethics, everyday dealings, clean finances, proper accounting, timely payment of government dues, looking after the welfare of our men, treating them with dignity, assisting them in solving their lives' problems with humane and kind benevolence. According to law, a company is a legal person and we take the legalist view in dealing with its problems and matters.

Today the small time endeavour of 1977 has grown into a big banyan tree offering food and shelter to numerous lives and in turn the company has grown into a group of companies.

Friends and brothers! Keep your spirit up – keep the fire burning – you are the standard bearers of tomorrow. You will carry today's message of "KARMA" - the legacy of the work you have done to those of unknown future yet to come. Let them also join you in the work of Puja – work of worship and the call of "KARMA".